Tough Cookie

Welcome to the latest edition of Party Fluff’s Tough Cookie. The list below is very important as it sets out Party Fluff’s terms and conditions in providing our best party styling service and how we could work together to ensure that you have the best of parties.

  1. Reserving a Party

You may request a party date online via our Event Date Reservation or by emailing us at (partyfluff(at)gmail(dot)com). It is advised to book your date as early as possible to ensure availability and receipt of any items that must be ordered.  You may check the availability of your party date via the Party Fluff Calendar on our website.

We will contact you to discuss on your intended theme and preferred Party Kits.


  1. Party Kits

Should the material proposed for the Party Kits be unavailable at the time of the event, a similar or alternative choice will be used instead. Fret not, we will keep within the agreed budget and rest assure that it will still be according to the intended theme. Considering that each item in the Party Kits are customized, any addition to the Party Kits is only upon our agreement. Trust that this is only because would like to give you our finest quality of service and last minute additions might compromise that.


  1. Party Location

Party Kits will be specifically designed to be easily transported, set up, and removed. You can host your event in your home, office, park (weather permitting), club house, or community center. If you are securing a location outside your home, please make your own bookings and payments as well as to check with us to see if the accommodations will work.


  1. Invoices

We understand that you may wish to elaborate your party further after agreeing on the preferred Party Kits (yes, you are not the only one!) and this includes additional items in your Party Kits. To cater to this, we will be issuing Quotation(s) and Invoice for the Party Kits. The Quotation(s) will detail the price for the Party Kits initially agreed and the Invoice will detail the total cost that needs to be paid for the Party Kits.


  1. Deposit

Once you have decided on the theme and Party Kits, a Deposit of 50% of the agreed Quotation is required to book your party. Once your Deposit is received, your Party Date will be reserved. Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis. Please keep in mind we do not begin preparations on your Party Kit or order goods until we receive your 50% Deposit. Please make your Deposit as soon as possible to avoid any rush fees on shipments which will be included as additional cost in the Invoice.


  1. Payment of Invoice and Payment Method

The remaining balance of the total cost as stated in the Invoice (after deducting the Deposit) is to be paid on the party day. We accept payment through cash / online bank transfer. If payment is via online bank transfer, please email us your proof of payment.


  1. No Refund of Deposit due to Cancellation

Because of the nature of our service and business, the 50% DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE if your event is cancelled less than 3 weeks before the reserved date. Earlier cancellations will receive a refund of 30% of the deposit.


  1. Reschedule of Party Date

If you really need to reschedule your Party Date, please inform us at least fourteen (14) days before the Party Date. We will make every effort to reschedule and accommodate to a new Party Date based on our availability and no refund of the 50% deposit will be given if a date is not available.


  1. Party Preparation

On the day of the event we will arrive (up to) three (3) hours ahead of the party start time to set up the Party Kits. We ask that your party space be cleared and ready to decorate upon our arrival. We will advise you of the items needed to set-up the Party Kits.


  1. Liability

Party Fluff assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages that take place at your party. In the event of damage or loss of our inventory or to that of the party’s location, the financial responsibility lies entirely on the client. Party Fluff is not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical conditions resulting from our menu. In any case, the responsibility lies entirely with the client.


  1. Halal Status

Any edible item from the Party Kit are sourced from suppliers who displays halal logo.

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